Oct 17, 2010

Vacationing in The Lone Star State

Last month, the hubz and I took a vacation together to the United States. We've been there on separate occasions before. Myself to New York in 2005 to visit my bestie, Suyin before she moved to Austin, TX and the hubz to San Jose, Cali for a conference.

It took us 24 hours to reach Houston via Moscow, Russia and 3 more hours to Austin. We learnt upon reaching Houston that Suyin was hospitalised due to a virus. Thankfully, it was not serious and she was discharged the next day. SO! Our first stop was the hospital and we had her family home all to ourselves the first night.
Located a wonderful community in Austin - Steiner Ranch, it is a picture perfect home.
The next couple of days were pretty slow-paced with canoe-ing, inter-community soccer games for the kids in the park, BBQ by the lake, being introduced to family and friends, daily movie nights and so on.

Because Round Rock Donuts was featured on MAN vs FOOD, we had to go try those evil gluteny things since we were already in Austin. They open at 4 AM everyday (!) and, we loved the cinnamon twists (pretty sweet!) and piping hot glazed donuts.

If in that area:
106 W Liberty Street,
Round Rock, TX 78664

Knowing how much we love donuts, our new friend, Paul, brought us to one of the Krispy Kreme outlets (pictured above) where they gave out samples fresh out of the oven. we were in donut heaven!

We are such big fans of MAN vs FOOD that airs on TLC, I tell you. The last evening in Austin, we went to check out The Salt Lick. A rustic place in the midst of rolling hills, century-old oak trees and native wildflowers that is supposed to serve the best BBQ in Texas. The service is impeccable and, just look at all that meat!

If in that area:
18300 FM 1826
Driftwood, TX 78619
We decided to check out the Six Flags in San Antonio, TX. It was SUCH an eventful day and my first roller-coaster ride - the Goliath, an inverted coaster (top centre) was enuf to put me off the other rides *gag* My stomach was churning and my head was spinning in the hot sun by just watching The Scream (bottom left and centre) in action. The guys, the hubz, Suyin's hubby, San and Paul enjoyed the day and almost got on all the rides.

... and of course, the highlight of our stay in TX? Shopping, shopping and MORE shopping! I understand that they've got the best outlets in America (pls correct me if I'm wrong).

Besides shopping, I'm so glad that I managed to catch up with my best friend of 10 years. Since the time we knew each other, we were inseparable at work and outside the office. Just like all good friends, after 7 years living in opposite ends of the world, we easily picked up where we left off and I believe we are still going strong. I love that the hubz got to meet her finally and I love that our 2 husbands do get along really well. We had some wonderful times together with them. ♥

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