Oct 6, 2010

I love you blogs ...

image via MadeByGirl

I'm very protective over the blogs that i peruse. They are so inspiring and bring color to my life and I can't imagine life without my blogging gals and coffee. But, each time I use an image, I link back to the site where I first saw the image from. That's just being civilised. Recently, I have been observing an ex-friend (!) who suddenly expanded the list of sites/blogs she's frequenting. I know because, strangely, those sites/blogs are regularly visited by me as well. She's also very inconsistent in linking back images to where she obtained them from and, I am tempted to notify the original authors [and will do so]. Grrr. I hate lurkers, stealers & copycats.

PS. If I have not referenced to your content in my eagerness to share what I love with my fellow bloggers, and if you are uncomfortable with what I am putting up, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail at anyta.anthony[at]gmail.com.

PPS. I also would greatly appreciate it if you link back should you wish to use any of my personal content for your site/blog/references.

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