Dec 23, 2010

The gift reveal #1: For mom who puts everyone's needs before herself

How have you all been doing? I'm kinda busy with the shopping and preps for Xmas.

My mom insists every year that the house should be spick and span and cleans out everything - bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, she even scrubs in between tiles with a toothbrush (!) She is a firm believer of the house being clean and beautiful from the inside and out and not just throw in decor to cover up the mess. I fully agree with that. I have high standards of cleanliness thanks to my mom and this affects me when I travel. I do not go for hotels that are below 3* (yes, am a snob that way) and check the reviews furiously on tripadvisor before leaving home.

So! What do you get for Mommy that puts everyone's needs before herself?

A lilac-colored Coach Hamptons leather slim full length 3-fold envelope wallet with a separate generous coin compartment so that loose change does not get in the way. I got this during my trip to US and deliberately kept my Coach stash away from her.
A pedicure with a nice, long scrub thrown in.
PS. I Love You body lotion fortified with shea butter, jojoba and protective vitamin E that hydrates her overworked hands with moisture.

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