Dec 13, 2010

It's that time again!

Can you believe its just like 2 weeks to Christmas? Where did the entire year go? Yesterday we lugged the Xmas tree out of the store room and fixed it up (sans the ornaments). We'll probably finish decorating it today. Did some shopping in Ikea, Borders and of course the Apple Shop. The hubz bought me an early Xmas gift - the iPad. It really does make any other e-book reader in the market look like a black & white tv from the 50s and I am dyyyyiing to make the most of it.
Disclaimer: This isn't the bowl I bought but something similar. {source}
Guys, have you checked out Ikea yet? I so love their Morroccan inspired crockery in blue. We got 5 cups and 1 bowl.
There are tons of things Christmas-y that I have yet to begin like 1. Writing Xmas Cards 2. Make chocolate, almond candies inspired by Martha Stewart for some lovely nurses I met recently. 3. Go for a manicure [AND pedicure] so that I can wear my lovely engagement ring all over again, even though I'm married already 4. Arrange books in my room according to the different hues/shades. I know this is quite extreme but trust me, when the room gets too small for 2 people, this effort goes easy on the eyes. 5. Of course, I need to buy presents for the nearest and the dearest.


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