Mar 1, 2011

Keeping it real

Hello! I know I disappeared for a while now. Things have been so hectic with the new house. We had to cram everything (errands, scouting for essential items for the house etc) into the weekend as the hubz and I work in opposite ends of the island. We are also just too tired to go out during the week days. I know this is just the beginning (and we are already feeling quite overwelmed). On a brighter note, we managed to get ALOT done over the past weekend. We decided to do without a few items on the renovation list to cut down costs, bought a "manly" deep brown leather recliners despite my protests that we are deviating from the theme of the house we agreed on [cosmopolitan] and that the couch is just too sloppy for my liking -- Hubz 1 Me 0. We also bought a 47 inch tv despite my protests that the size is waaaay too big for our apartment -- Hubz 2 Me 0. We found a refrigerator that it not too big for our apartment at a reasonable price, $1000 less than what we expected to pay -- Hubz 3 Me 1. But you know, who cares about the theme. I am secretly excited about everything - even the huge tv. What is important is that we should be comfortable in our own house and being in-charge of decor, I'll just work around everything. Afterall, the design blogs and magazines I browsed all this time should come to a good use, right?

I've been following Jen's blog for quite some time now and I just love her home tour segments. The homes she features are real homes, they look functional, lived in and most importantly stylish. Here are some favorites. I also plan to incorporate most of the ideas in my home.
{From Tanya's Townhouse Tour}
Who says leather sofas are sloppy?

{Erica's Home & Nursery Tour}
Love how the owner clusters alchohol and make-up essentials. Check out the holder for the make-up brushes and python tray!

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