Sep 28, 2011

{Touch-Up the Crib}

"... having an eye is one thing, but you have to be able to execute". The words of Kelly Wearstler, renowned interior/product designer who is known for vivid colors and bold designs. How so very true. As an amateur, it's so easy to get intimidated with pages and pages of paint colors/shades, fancy furniture, decor pieces and so on while we work on our new home.

I believe strongly that design should constantly evolve with the more things you see and get inspired by, and our new challenge lies in making it all work. So now we have an empty spot next to the Master Bath, a glass console at the main entryway that serves no purpose (!) and takes up the space meant for a shoe cabinet, an empty (guest) room, empty grey wall above the couch and areas for improvement.

For the empty spot next to the Master Bath: I think a dresser with drawers should do the trick. The top can function as stylish unisex boudoir (see below) with our perfume display, some accessories and perhaps an art piece. No photographs 'cos nothing puts me off more than photographs (family) in a bedroom (!)



For the empty guest/hubz changing room: I chose this picture (above) because the wall color of our Guest Room is very close to this. I love how its made into a sitting area with orange cushions. This color combi will work really well in the room as our Guest Bath is orange.

For the boring entryway: Omg. Lovin' this Jack Pierson photograph. Perfect for the mirrored entry console paired with a silver table lamp. PS. Last Sat (for a party), I managed to spruce it up with framed wrapping paper. (pics to follow)

{via here}
For the long grey wall behind the couch: I love large scale paintings and photography. I believe small spaces should have some of these in display. So am hoping in time to come, there'll be some life injected on the long grey wall behind the couch.

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