Sep 7, 2011

What's BIG, FAT, Chaotic and FUN?

My BIL got married about a month ago and it was a BIG, FAT, Indian wedding. What I love about Indian weddings is the fact that they are very bright events (LOVE!), filled with rituals and celebrations that continue for several days. But what's really great is the fact that the ENTIRE family has a role in it e.g from the parents, to uncles and sister-in-laws and everything seems so personal. But what's not that great is, because of the sheer number of people involved, chaos sets in (... and I personally, deliberately avoided chaos for my wedding by getting only a trusted few to assist with the planning/decor). No matter how you plan it, I've learnt that chaos in an Indian wedding is inevitable because being everyone loves to talk and have a say in everything. BUT, I loved the spontainety of it all and how everyone loves to dance and have fun. I would love to post some pictures in due time but, meanwhile, I am loving (over-used word alert) the details of this wedding.

Check out them flower balls perched on the turquoise blue fabric. D-y-i-n-g! THAT my dears, is called DECOR!
What a gorgeous bride. Fuschia is SO her color!
What is an Indian wedding without a horse?

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