May 10, 2013

Art Deco at Home

The blogworld is all abuzz with excitement for the release of Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Have you read it or planning to read the novel before heading to the big screen? I would love to but it's just that I am more excited about the design, glamour and absurdly opulent sets than the story.

I have always been into clean lines, geometric shapes and gorgeous metallics that are inspired by the Art Deco era or the roaring twenties. I'd love some easy DIYs that are affordable, easy and not mess up. Something that can completed in perhaps one afternoon.

Check out the How-To at The Glamourai
lorenzo castillo_madrid
3-D art that is not too difficult to replicate. Use 3 tones of the same colored paper on a black background.
Perfect at for covering ugly doors or make a statement in a boring hallway.

Go a step further. Use foil tape to perk up an entire wall. Check out the How-To at Kara Paslay Designs

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