Feb 13, 2014

Destination Thursday // How to pack for winter?

It can be quite a challenge for those living in the tropics, to pack for winter. During our coldest days in Singapore, all we need is one cardigan (!) So for me, I learnt it the hard way.

My very first winter holiday was in New York where I layered like crazy and looked like a dumpling in every photograph. I also wore high heeled boots (bad idea!). When you have sub-zero temperatures, you will be more concerned with keeping warm. Additional leg aches and blisters ... not necessary.

Last year we went to Europe for 2 weeks. We were anticipating cool, comfortable weather as it was the beginning of Spring but we were welcomed with winter weather. So it was quite a disaster as you can expect. I was better prepared for the last trip I went with my husband to Europe in Dec 2013.

There were some learning points I gathered from all these trips and I am more than happy to share them with you.

+ Try to be comfortable and avoid heels especially in cobblestoned streets in Europe. Your feet will thank you.
+ Always cover your hands and head - the extremities. You'll feel better instantly. Match your beanie/headgear with your glove.
+ The base layer should always be a thermal wear or something in wool. Never cotton.
+ If you know its going to be a cold day or temperatures might dip, wear a thermal top, wool sweater and an outerwear. Pair your outfit with a pashmina shawl and keep another neutral colored one in your bag (Just in case you desperately need to stay warmer or someone needs it).
+ Drink lots and lots of water. You can easily be dehydrated and you would not even know until headache strikes.
+ When you travel, always always keep an umbrella in your bag. Winter weather is mostly rainy. You wouldn't want to be wet AND cold.

//image by yours truly

I have prepared 10 different outfit combinations for you with just 5 tops. Bring along neutral colored accessories/scarfs for easy mix-match. The accessories will instantly polish your look.

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