Sep 18, 2014

Surviving Pregnancy

Not many of us are blessed with a smooth, morning sickness-less (!) pregnancy. 

As I am currently in the homestretch of pregnancy, and in the light of recent news of Kate Middleton's condition of hyperemesis gravidarum making a comeback during her second pregnancy, I began reflecting on what worked and what did not work for me especially the first 5 months of pregnancy (I was diagnosed with mild hyperemesis gravidarum and was put on drips in the hospital). Not fun. 

Pregnancy Survival Kit

First Trimester 1+2 // I did not use these items although some friends swore by it. It took a lot of energy for me to go look for the Preggie Pops (available at Maternity Exchange) I heard that Mothercare carries it but I couldn't find it so I eventually gave up. I will stock up and give it a go the next time 'round. Seabands are available at the Guardian Pharmacy.
First/Second Trimester 3 // I stocked up on Uncle Toby's yoghurt/muesli bars as being on empty stomach makes the nausea worse. If there were any gaps between meals, I will snack on these bars and it helped a great deal. Sometimes to be on the safe side, I will have a slice of wholemeal bread with jam after the muesli bar.

I have heard ginger ale helps with nausea but carbonated drinks made things worse for me.

White bread gave me constipation so I avoided that as well.
First/Second/Third Trimester 4 // To avoid looking like a train wreck, put on some eyeliner and gloss. It opens up your eyes.
Second/Third Trimester 5 // I am at my 9th month now and till date I haven't had a single stretch mark. I do not know whether I owe it to my genes or  this Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. It is quite pricey but cheaper than laser treatments IMHO.
Second/Third Trimester 6 // Yoga kept me occupied and relaxed most of my second/third trimester. I felt pretty good about myself and that is really important for an expectant mother. I still feel that yoga had a part to play in regulating my emotions and keeping me positive especially after a very difficult first trimester. Not to mention the toning of muscles to aid in childbirth.
Second/Third Trimester 7 // I got pregnancy jeans from Motherswork. It is so comfortable and slimming and I think that I will be able to get away with wearing it even post-pregnancy. I feel that tent dresses only make you look bigger than you actually are so I avoided maternity dresses/tops.
Third Trimester 8 // Now that I am in my last leg of pregnancy, the only dress that keeps me comfortable is a black sleeveless maxi from H&M. Its not a maternity dress so I'll still be able to wear it after I pop.
Third Trimester 9 // Ah-ha! The Upsie Belly' Belly Support Belt. It supports my lower back as the baby gets heavier and I wear it 24/7 (almost). Sleeping was a chore and very painful till I found this. It was really hard to change sides as I feel I have a bowling ball inside my tummy.
First/Second/Third Trimester 10 // Uniqlo AIRism bra top is a savior because you get away with wearing less especially during an exercise session or at home.

If you are considering breastfeeding, you shouldn't be wearing bras with wire.

Uniqlos bras are worth considering as well.
First/Third Trimester 11 // For soothing relief, essential oils are the answer. I avoided all except citrus oils during the first trimester just to be on the safe side. I do not know if they really help with vomiting but I did feel slightly better after I used it with a diffuser while lying down and resting.

I have also heard that peppermint helps and clears your head while lavender helps with relaxation (for sleepless nights) and even during labour. 

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