Jan 3, 2011

"Did you walk a path that wasn't yours?"

Have you ever felt that – without regret – you have chosen and are on the wrong path, and though you wish to be free of it, abandoning this road will cause much more chaos and hurt than staying on it? (Sue-Ann Marquis)

A friend of mine, M, posted a blog entry by Paulo Coelho on Facebook and now, I have bookmarked the blog. Sub-consciously I've always thought about my career - am I happy? am I feeling stretched here? where to next? and so on. But the last few days of 2010, especially after an introspective evening with ex-colleagues, I continued the self-examination and started thinking about changing the career path because I feel that I am not maximising my potential and to top it off, there's no progression. I do not want to just settle.

The hubz constantly reminds me that even though I was at jobs that do not pay that well, the experience I have gained is invaluable compared to individuals who have not left their comfort zone. But not exploring and working on my strengths is slowing eating into me and my greatest fear is a dead brain and a lost soul, living day to day just for the sake of ... stability.

So! This year, I am planning to take a course on Visual Communications for an introduction to software application, applying color, typography and so on. It's never too late to work on what you are passionate about. Following which, I hope I am able to stop procrastinating and do something about venturing out on my own.

So peeps, A Toast ... 

To Moving Away.
To Never Too Far.
To Growing Up.
To Settling Down.


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