Jan 2, 2011

To more parties in 2011!

I totally dig party planning. I am constantly inspired by out-of-the-box ideas thanks to the many event planning/wedding blogs I frequent. On Christmas day, I attempted to prepare fruits Amy Atlas style. It turned out okay, not as perfect much to the astonishment of the hubz who claims I'm too much of a perfectionist and I should just let go at times. But I was totally immersed in the process and enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some clever ideas to wow your guests. To many more party filled days in 2011!

This ice sculpture will keep your vodka or white wine perfectly chilled throughout your party. Works especially well with vodka cos it can go in the freezer without turning solid (really!?). Remember to start a couple of days in advance! Look out for directions here.
Banana bites! They look good or what? Can't wait to try. Directions here.

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