Aug 31, 2011

Wedding Recaps I :: Stationery Suite

Our second wedding anniversary is fast approaching (I know, right? It feels like just yesterday!) and I've decided to move our wedding + honeymoon re-caps over as I decide what to do with the old blog. I have been receiving spam comments and I do not want to risk leaving my most treasured posts there. It's also nice re-reading these posts once in a while so I'll leave 'em here, in my backyard.

When you're super attentive to details, a graphic designer in the family is like a gift from God. My sister, Flora designed all the stationery we had for the wedding. We had two sets of invites - 1 for the Ceremony and 1 for the Dinner Reception.

Flora also helped me turn my ideas into a beautiful card for the bridesmaids incorporating damask (looks faint in the above image) throughout for consistency.

The ceremony cards had turquoise details with brown background and ...

... the dinner cards had red details with orange background. These set the color tone for the wedding. It was gratifying to see our idea evolve with the skills of Flora, and Hubz eagerness to mess with typography.

We had a very coordinated suite of stationery {SWEET!} - Invites, Programme Booklets, Stickers that were used for cake boxes, and pew cards, among others.

This poster is practically a blown-up version of my dinner reception invite and it graced the entrance of the ballroom.
Being no-frills people, we decided not to have any predictable pre-wedding shots/albums or old photographs in the reception area. I mean, yes you are marrying each other and the reception's enough to prove it. No one's gonna bother looking through (nor remember) pages and pages of you both in different places/poses.

There were also matching little cards that guests wrote on. We had this set up as a guest book alternative. Again, it didn't cost us a bomb to have all these mitchy-matchy details. My talented sister was entirely behind this and we couldn't have had such a smashing day if not for her runnin' all over the place getting all of these done.

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