Aug 31, 2011

Events and styling

People throw sad looking parties here with absolutely no creativity and it irks me to be part of it. I can't help but think Hey, I could have done this MUCH better! I'm not being cocky but I think its in my blood - my sister is a graphic designer and she is always very very thorough in her work and rocks at it. For me, even though I sort of took the wrong path in my career, I quietly (stuck in front of my laptop) try not to miss out on my interests. My brain is constantly stimulated because I come across so many ideas everyday. As they say, "The more you see, the more your eye and taste evolves." SO I am not picky, I've just got better taste.
Upcycle glass jars by placing tealights in them. Imagine the glow as a result of the reflection.

Martha has got an entire section dedicated to entertaining. I attempted to do paper pom-poms for my wedding deco but it is ALOT of work so start early. I used the same method to do a flower-ball for the flower-girl using crepe paper.
You don't need a fancy venue, you just need to make an impact.

PS. I gave myself a little treat by purchasing Domino - every decorator's bible! via amazon. Something to look forward to!

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