Nov 16, 2011

Snapshots of my home

I mentioned earlier this week that we re-arranged some furniture/accessories/rugs last weekend. We are loving the fresh new look now but I reiterate, there's just so much to be done. Our home is taking forever to be completed. But deep down I know it'll never be finished 'cos I will always get brainwaves for as long as I peruse creative blogs and frequent cute places.

Like, earlier today, my team and I were hosting an event centred on Social Entrepreneurship at a little restaurant Food for Thought (FFT). It's the brainchild of a young lady and her friends who wanted to do more than just work. So they decided to start a social enterprise - basically a restaurant with a cause. For example, for every $2 we donate to enjoy free flow of water at FFT, we will bless one African for one year with that same privilege. I liked the simple, rustic decor and here they have an interesting story of their light installation with 540 ordinary food jars. This particular quote was displayed right smack in the middle of the wall, screaming at me That Every Man Should Eat & Drink & Enjoy the Good of All His Labour, it is the Gift of God - Ecclesiastes 3:13 and now I am tempted to have this quote scribbled across my kitchen backsplash.

*update with pictures!*

Ah ♥. I've also decided to share some pictures of our home after shifting some items around.

{all pics by yours truly} the last two photographs are of my study's. I so need to work on an inspiration board to fill up that dreary grey wall.

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