Nov 13, 2011

Taking some time off to slowly ease into the week

This weekend, we've been moving furniture, switching around lamps, our bar-cart, basically stuff hoping to add more functionality to our space.

While the hubz is away playing golf this morning (I mean, the entire day), I'm having a blast moving my bedside tables to the living area, framing the sofa. I think its a nice change. Makes the living area a little more complete and the bedroom looks less cramp-y with standing lamps that were originally in the living area. I think I need some help with vignettes and styling though. Taking it a day at a time!

The biggest change was us moving my study desk against the wall so that I could get started on the long overdue moodboard project. We also placed our Tibetan carpet diagonally across the room to add a little more visual interest. Moving the study desk definitely opened up the room and I am excited to start on that board!

The following two boards are my absolute favorites! I keep coming back to them in my collection of pictures.
{both pictures via}

It's gonna be a crazy week for me. You have a good one!

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