Oct 14, 2012

Small apartment storage

Everyone needs a place of solace. For me it's my study. When I'm home after a long uninspiring day at work or after time spent away from my home, I get into my study to feed my thirst for design inspiration and ideas, to feed my soul. I need space (physical and mental) to get grounded.

My study is my hideout, workspace AND dressing room (space comes at a premium in land-scarce Singapore) so I find means and ways to organize, avoid clutter, multi-functional-ize and make it a pretty place while at it.

I use an IKEA Expedit in my study to organize books, craft items, documents, travel momentos AND yes, glassware. I can't afford the space for a full-fledged bar and it is impossible to accommodate all the extra glasses I have in my compact bar-cart, so I use a compartment in my Expedit. If you have to do this as well (to store glasses somewhere other than a proper glass storage area especially on a shelf), use a tray. It functions as a drawer. 

When you have guests over, you may choose to get the tray out a little to reach the champagne glasses behind without toppling the glasses in front, or you may take the entire tray out. No broken glasses, no tears. 

I'd suggest arranging the glasses face down to ensure they are clean inside (no dust, no bugs). If you want to take additional pre-caution, wipe the glasses clean, especially the rims probably a day or two before the party.

... and I digress. A bottle of alcohol in the tray wouldn't hurt as well. A nightcap in the study while working! 

Enjoy the party!

{All pictures from yours truly}

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