Oct 14, 2012

Small apartment storage

I shared my obsession with organizing (part of) in my earlier post. Hopefully this post gives you more ideas. I was very lucky when I stumbled upon a wood + metal side table in a second-hand furniture warehouse. This warehouse is like my new obsession and I am always on the lookout for gems.

I purchased it at a good price yesterday and used it immediately to organize my make-up, skin products and accessories.

This table is superb because I can see all my accessories at one glance and pull the drawer to take my pick. Just like in a boutique! If your apartment gets pretty dusty in a short period of time, this table is a life-saver.

I adore this clamshell. It's perfect for holding little items. I personally feel that little jars of cosmetics or skin products resting on their own, invite clutter. .. and we all know that we don't stick to one or two products.

There! My little beauty corner.

{all images by yours truly}

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