Mar 16, 2017

Brave as Can be

My little tot, CJ is a boisterous little boy. He is high-spirited, active, inhibited, riotous(!). But, occasionally something random scares him. A new fan that oscillates, the sound of a remote-controlled car, the roar from a life-sized neon dinosaur in a park and just a couple of days back, he freaked at the sight of his classmate's birthday cake - a cookie monster with googly eyes. I mean children are supposed to like cookie monsters and dinosaurs right?

Many people do not talk about these issues but apparently general anxiety is quite common with kids this age. The cause of this fearfulness is paradoxically their increased understanding of the actual world. I do not know how long this will last but hopefully not too long with this book that looks like just what we need.

I would welcome any other recommendations. How do you deal with a fearful toddler?

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