Feb 24, 2013

Wanderlust series :: 5 tops + 5 bottoms + 2 dresses = 14 outfits

Finally I am quenching my thirst for travel. We have exactly one month to go before leaving for Europe. We are going to ... Rome - Florence - Venice (Italy) - Lucerne (Switzerland) - Paris (France) and London (England). Phew, what a mouthful! Coming from a place that's summer-y all year round, it was a little stressful when I was checking out weather forecast for Europe during Spring (Late Mar - Early Apr 13 to be exact). Temperatures are expected to hover around 10 - 15 degrees. I am thinking it might drop further in England.

This means that we will have to be prepared for warm (Italy), cool (the rest of the tour hopefully) AND cold (when night falls in Paris/London). So, here's what I came up with. 5 tops (exluding 1 cami) + 2 dresses + 5 bottoms (including 2 leggings) + 5 sweaters/outerwear (1 borrowed jacket) + accessories. As I'll be with my sister, Flora, we'll also swop accessories and jackets.
The next few posts will have these items put together to create outfits that go from cool to cold, day to night. Believe it or not, this stash can create at least 14 different outfit combination - 14 outfits for a 12 day trip? I'm happy!
I think my footwear of choice would be a pair of black flats and an all black converse.
This would not have been possible without polyvore. Life-saver!


  1. This was so helpful thank you! I am going to Europe in two weeks with my sister and it is so difficult knowing what to pack. The funny thing is we are going to similar places:Florence, Paris, Northern France and England. Is there anything you wish you packed that you hadn't, or things you realized you didn't ever use/need? I am going with my sister also so we will be able to share clothes, but each of us are just bringing a carry on which is daunting! xo

    1. Hi Christina, thank you for stopping by. Yes, it is a little daunting especially if you come from the tropics. I think Europe will be pretty cold this time of the year. We went late March-mid April last year and it was unusually cold. These are some of the things I learnt along the way.

      - Bring a trench coat. It is waterproof, stylish and versatile. Forget about heavy, fashionable coats.
      - Bring gloves (I realised that once my hands were covered, I instantly felt warmer/cozier) and a beanie.
      - An umbrella (You don't want to be wet and cold at the same time.)
      - If you can get pashmina/woolly scarves, they are life - savers
      - Do you have UNIQLO where you are? Pack a couple of heat-tech tops.
      - Wear comfortable waterproof boots (Lots of walking in Europe on cobblestones)
      - Bring thicker strapped cross body bags. My thin strapped bulky bag almost gave way.

      I am currently working on another packing for europe series. Do stay tuned! Drop me a line if you need any tips on the places you are going :) will you be on a tour?


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