Feb 3, 2013

How-to make sangria

It's early Saturday AM and I was feeling unusually chirpy. I decided to grab a bottle of wine and make  my favorite Spanish drink, Sangria. It is SO easy to make I was laughing through the steps (!!!) Laughing at the way I was forcing myself to hold the DSLR on one hand and actually DO the Sangria on the other.

So, here goes. The ingredients -  Fruits (you can use anything you have, really. If you have apples, strawberries and berries, I'd suggest make white wine sangria 'cos they'd look really pretty) For this one, I used orange, lime and some grapes. And then we have Ginger Ale, some Gin (pictured later) and sugar.

Sangria can be kept for at most 4-5 days. But, I heard the rind (from oranges/lemon etc) will make the drink bitter after a couple of days so I decided to remove the rind, just so I can hold on to my sangria longer!

... and then slice up the fruits.

All set!

I used the plastic Ikea water pitcher. Quite handy. Throw the fruits in ...

Add a couple of tablespoons of sugar. You may add more or less according to your liking. The ones in Spain were ridiculously sweet. So I decided to go easy on the sugar.

... maybe a 2-3 shots of Gin. You can soak the fruits in Gin overnight, if you have more time. *warning* this drink looks harmless but it can be quite potent.

... Add a can of Ginger Ale. Don't worry you can't tell its in the drink at all!

.... and the Star! Red wine. Don't forget to stir the drink (make sure the sugar dissolves) and leave it in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours. It tastes best the next day.

I decided to have it on Saturday night while watching TV. I also had some during Sunday lunch as well *hic*

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