Jul 31, 2013

Global and eclectic at home

We, Singaporeans tend to travel quite a bit. I personally LOVE decor that's inspired by travel. My latest fascination is been with vintage posters and blown up photographs. Although I have quite a collection of maps, matchboxes, ticket stubs, postcards collected over the years, I prefer to display the larger items like posters or pottery to avoid clutter. So yes, go for larger items eg. rugs, scarfs, lamps, tapestry (if you have the budget) instead of snow globes or fridge magnets (those are meant for your colleagues!).

For those of us who struggle with displaying the travel treasures, this is how it's being done.

Morrocan lamp + rattan seat with sheep throw

interior infatuations
Tapestry display over headboard makes a stunning statement

Photograph display + storage containers. PS you don't need to buy anything. Just frame your favorite memory from the trip!

Oriental rug + scarf/fabric that can be displayed as art

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