Feb 5, 2014

Furniture finds in Singapore :: King and King Wong

I dropped by King and King Wong (KKW), a Malaysian furniture retailer located in NEX mall, Serangoon. They are having a massive sale right now. All items are going at 50% off as they are moving out. Hopefully not out of Singapore.

Although I find the cost of furniture a bit on the high side, I do not mind bringing home their accessories and decor items. They have pretty nice stuff. Remember my turquoise chi dogs? I got the pair from KKW. A wide range of home essentials are available for the kitchen, display - apothecary jars and vases, laundry, paintings, bedding and furniture.

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When I checked out KKW yesterday, most 'good' stuff were gone.

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I'm not crazy about fake flowers but these ... just look SO real. They even feel real. I was on the verge of getting a purple hydrangea, some orchids and white roses (those were really gorgeous). But the snob in me emerged and I changed my mind. Sometimes I do not mind going an extra mile to get real flowers for my home.

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If you are always on the lookout for decor items for events eg. crystals, candles, candle stands etc they have plenty of those left on the shelves all at 1/2 price. Do pop by quick but give them a call before heading down, just in case.

I ended up with ribbons, tinsels and black taper candles that were going for like SGD 2.60 each. I'm all set for gift-wrapping this year.

//image yours truly. paris snow-globe stylist's own

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