Apr 29, 2015

Mombie. Life as of late.

As someone who gets agitated easily when things don't go according to plan, the past 6 months have taken on a whole new level of craziness. Being a new mom has been the most trying, most humbling, most emotional experience in my life. It has also been the most rewarding.

Everyday, for the past 3 months at least, I try to have a routine but really, Christophe shows me who's boss. Sometimes when its time to nap, he decides to bounce around the bed, and I play along 'cos I find him too adorable. I do not know how mothers do it with a fixed schedule. Sometimes I doubt myself, maybe I am not disciplined enough, maybe I am not following it through so he gets mixed signals, maybe I should have waited 5 mins before picking him up since birth, maybe, maybe, maybe. This is especially so with the sleep training. What sleep training? There's no training. He cries, and we pick him up.

So! this is what our routine is like everyday.

6.00-7.00am C wakes up hungry. Feed. Most of the time he decides not to sleep after that.

7.00-8.00am Flurry of activities. Change diaper and out of the sleep suit. Place him in the bouncer, let him spend a few mins with daddy before he goes to office. I wash up and make the bed. Once daddy leaves, I will wash the bottles that were used for night feeds, set up the sterilizer, boil new batch of water, top up the water dispenser. C watches me from the bouncer. I pass him a cold teether before he gets cranky.

8.00-9.00am On a good day I make coffee to brace myself for the day ahead. I let him play or attack Sophie the giraffe while I take sips of my coffee. At this point, I also decide what he should play with that day. I have an issue with toys conquering my living room. I think its a better idea to rotate his toys to keep things fresh.

9.00am Feed breakfast/milk.

9.30-10.30am Nap time (sometimes he naps for 10 mins but most of the time 30 mins) / Prepare lunch for C

11.00-11.30am Lunchtime for C (so far he hates fish porridge, broccoli with potato, carrot with potato but thats another story altogether)

12.00pm Bath

12.30-2.30pm Feed. Naptime. I wash bottles (never-ending) and dishes, shower on a good day and have lunch.

2.30pm Feed.

3.00-5.00pm Play. Reading. Head out for fresh air/shopping. Feed.

5.00pm Dinner

5.30-6.00pm Depending how tired he gets Bedtime Routine

6.30pm Feed and Bedtime.

7.00-9.00pm Wash bottles (again), sterilise, boil water, laundry, clean up play-mat, wipe toys especially teethers, sweep the floor. If C wakes, feed and pray he'll fall asleep soon.

After 9.00pm Collapse on the sofa/bed.

Unglam but happy! Wefie by yours truly.
9.00pm to 6am C wakes up 3-4 times at least and this has been so recently. Sometimes for a feed and sometimes crying to be carried/rocked to sleep.

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