Feb 23, 2015

Chicken over pasta in 15 mins


Happy holidays! I decided to whip up a quick simple meal this stay home Saturday while the baby napped. Quite pleased with how it turned out. I just had 1 plate, 1 saucepan and a ladle to wash. LOVE!

I got some ingredients stocked up in my little pantry. Thank God for Redmart. Who needs to be at a supermarket physically these days (!)

// 15 mins Easy Peasy Pasta Dish (that your kids will love!) - Recipe for 2

1 can Prego pasta sauce (Tomato, basil and garlic)
10 CP's cooked honey chicken mid wings
(Optional) Chopped garlic
(Optional) Old El Paso chilli spice mix


1. Microwave the wings for 3 minutes and get the meat out of the bones while pasta cooks.
2. Set aside cooked pasta.
3. Add olive oil to the same saucepan that was used to cook the pasta. Add chopped garlic for some flavour.
4. Add pasta sauce
5. Add cooked chicken meat
6. Optional// Add half packet of chilli spice mix
7. Simmer then cover the pasta that was set aside with the sauce.

That's it! All in 15 mins or less!

PS. I added the chilli spice mix to neutralize the Prego sauce as I found it a tad sweet for my liking.

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