Nov 22, 2012

Navigating cyber monday in Singapore - Retailers to look out for

Our American friends are already in the festive mood - gearing up for the Thanksgiving weekend ahead ... and, anticipating the biggest sales of the year - Black Friday (tomorrow!). Even though we can't be there physically, we need not feel left out during the biggest online shopping days of the year - Cyber Monday.

I am rushing out this post because there isn't much time (I've got a Corporate Event to manage in about an hour!). While we're at it, super engrossed in clicking away, do consider that if an item is not at least 30 per cent less than what it retails for here, it is not worth getting because you need to factor in the shipping cost.

These are some retailers going big on Black Friday/Cyber Monday:
Online Shopping Concierges

Some US retailers also do not deliver outside the country. You may use PayPal and a US address provided by VPost or Borderlinx.

You may also explore HopShopGo that which allows users from outside the US (in a list that includes Singapore) to shop at sites which do not accept payment from / deliver outside US.

Master List of Merchants' Twitter Accounts

Twitter is big in US. I realised this when I attended a Conference in Florida earlier this year. Every delegate was sending a tweet! So if you are a hardcore cyber shopper, some of these retailers will be offering exclusives and sales for Cyber Monday only on Twitter. If you have an account, do follow your favourites! These are just mine.

HAPPY SHOPPING! ... and let me know what you got!

(Source: Diva, IFB)

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