Jan 14, 2013

Happy discovery :: Sabio by the sea

This blog is not abandoned or anything like that. In fact, with the New Year, I was thinking hard if I should discontinue blogging given that I am not disciplined enough to update it every now and then. I only have myself to blame for my lost readers. With the festive season that has just passed, I'd rather be wrapping presents, planning get-togethers, decorating and cleaning my house than sitting in my study in front of the imac. 

Anyway, without getting too distracted on stuff, I'd like to share a new restaurant in town. I'm a sucker for anything Spanish. I love Spanish food, Spanish dance, Spain in general. There is a new tapas restaurant in town that I am dying to check out. The restaurant's decor theme is what I would describe as rugged contemporary (!) with a Spanish twist ♥ ♥ ♥


Gorgeous, right?

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