Jan 19, 2012

To a new year - 2012

Did you have a good time? I have been really busy with the family get-togethers, big meals, shopping for presents and decorating the home for the festive season. ... and with the blink of an eye 2011 came and went. Am pretty pleased with how it went.

It was not an easy year. It was a year of transitions. Ironically, I am with the Career Transition Team at work. We aim to facilitate a smoother transition for military personnel who are at the tail-end of their military career by organising Networking Events/Seminars to get them ready for the Corporate jungle. I also contributed (and still am!) articles to the bi-annual Career Transition magazine. It's a great feeling to have your articles published.

The hubz and I also finally got our own place to stay. It's fun but really tiring as well. There arent any more piping hot meals (thanks to mommy!) on the table when you get back home from work and we constantly have to think about household chores, being organised, meals.. things we took for granted before.

So! 2012 is here. It will be a big year with more transitions. I don't have any resolutions, but will attempt to accomplish some "goals" in my bucketlist within the next couple of years. One of which is to go for a design course.

*I'm totally ashamed of not updating my blog this past month. ... and I am not gonna make any excuses for it.

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