Feb 5, 2013

Glimpse into our home

I know this is looong overdue. I've not been very diligent with the blog to begin with.

We got our apartment because of the gorgeous view it comes with. Hopefully it'll stay that way (there'll be new developments coming up around us, yikes!). You may notice that the pictures are taken during day and night, thats because they were captured at different occasions and I have only recently learnt that its best to take interior shots during the day.

This is the view from our balcony and I am terribly proud of it.

The balcony fits a dining table and a random bird's nest fern we adopted recently.

We absolutely love the 1970 spiral lamp by Vernon Panton and decided to splurge on one for the living room. It's SO drama and I was quite hesitant about getting it initially but since we were going for a cosmopolitan feel for the apartment, I succumbed to the temptation.

The walls appear purple in the above picture but they are actually dark grey (smoke pearl to be exact).

The above three shots are of my favorite room in the apartment - the study. This room was given alot of attention due to the amount of time I spend in it - blogsurfing, blogging, facebooking, pin-ning, working, dressing, applying make-up and so on. It's part dressing room and I display my make-up + jewellery in it.

I use the Expedit from Ikea as my book/knick-knack storage. It takes alot of work to maintain and keep in pristine condition as it gets dusty and cluttered quite easily. So if you are living in a high-rise, smack in the middle of 2 busy traffic junctions/highways, think twice about getting the open-faced Expedit. Another possible solution is to fill up the Expedit cubes with individual boxes. Easier to clean.

Decided to construct a photo railing along the hallway. Pretty useful and there's no need to use nails and mess up the walls.

If you are from Singapore, you would hate the bomb shelter that comes with your apartment. Door is heavy and industrial-looking and you can't even hack the walls to get rid of it/make your space bigger. If it sits along a narrow hallway to the rooms like mine, you don't even not have the luxury to build false walls to conceal the ugly door.

I did not fret and just painted mine the same wall color as the rest of the living area and coverted it to a large gallery space filled with travel mementos + pictures making full use of the magnetic door - Easy short term cost-effective solution.

{All photos by yours truly}

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