Feb 3, 2013

Party Planning :: Rooftop (almost!) tapas party

Last weekend, we had some friends over and we decided on tapas themed dinner. I went with the idea as it would supposedly be easy to prepare and enjoyed by all. The dishes I chose to prepare did not turn out the way I wanted it but edible and yummy!. I think no one could tell I was freakin' out in the kitchen. I'm glad they enjoyed the food and of course, I had to reflect and think of how I can do things better the next time 'round.

This photo above basically summed up the colors for the party.

The menu included Parma ham + melon + rocket salad, strawberry crostini, cheese platter, patatas bravas, chorizo + chickpeas with charred peppers, meatballs in mushroom sauce and of course sangria. Thanks to a pal, Keith, we got some champagne as well.

I collect nice champage/wine bottles and I love how the label color of Veuve Clicquot goes with the overall theme. At the background, I have proudly displayed a clay jar (in blue/white) bought in Spain.

A row of photographs taken during our honeymoon in Switzerland.

Recently I splurged on aged balsamic vinegar (16 years) and I love adding it to everything I eat.

Our entryway - the first thing that guests see when they enter our home.

The appetizer spread. *point to note* Cheese does not keep well in the humidity. I overlooked this point and laid full blocks of cheese out in the balcony. It became ugly, soft and goo-ey after a while, especially the Gorgonzola. If you have to have a cheese platter, don't put an entire block outdoors. Top it up as and when required.

For chorizos, I did not use the sliced ones I normally use (from Pamplona, as written in the label), for the party (big mistake!) I bought another type of chorizos (little whole sausages from Bilbao). If you are cooking whole chorizos, remember to remove the first layer of skin before cooking. *point to note* After its cooked, use a very sharp knife and slice the sausage very thinly. That might go down well with people who aren't used to the salty, spicy, Spanish sausage.

A toast to the New Year and friends.

There will always be space for good dessert.

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