May 19, 2013

Furniture Finds in Singapore :: Hock Siong

Hock Siong is not your typical furniture showroom. With 3 large warehouses of furniture, accessories and glassware, it houses second hand loot that mainly comes from hotels and show flats. Dusty - not for those with allergies (you might want to wear a mask) and in an obscure part of the island, you have to be patient in your search for gems. Generally most items are still trendy but I tend to go more for accessories that are classic, unique and easily replaceable. Pieces that probably will not go out of style or items that can't be obtained anywhere else that cheap!

What I absolutely love about them is that they have a social media expert, Brillyn who uses social media platform - Facebook showcasing their treasures so customers and aficionados get to know about new items real-time!

These are some of the stuff I purchased over the past few months. 2 lamps with thin, golden base perfect for our tiny bedroom last week (see after pic). In line with the Great Gatsby theme *swoon*

Tyrol horns at a bargain!

A display table for my jewelry.

Do check them out at the following address and of course, "LIKE" them on FB!


153 Kampong Ampat
#01-03, Junjie Industrial Building
Singapore, 368326

Tel: +65 62818338

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