May 29, 2013

They call it micro-living

This is a tiny AND functional apartment that I totally love. I don't crave for huge spaces, and would move here in a heart beat!
I love how removing the wall behind the tv opens up the space. An element of privacy is retained with the blinds.

This is probaby the bed-room cum study. The owners installed a murphy bed that can be folded to make space when not needed. Hm, I wouldn't mind a murphy bed in a guest bed-room but not my own. I like the feeling of walking into an inviting bedroom of my own with flowers on the side-table, candles and a soothing aroma. What do you think?

All images via HOUZZ
My next favorite great idea is this swivel tv. Seriously with this amazing job you don't need to actually install another tv in the house. Perfect after an exhausing day when you just want to snuggle up on bed and watch thrash (!).

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